Ceramic Tiled Bath and Shower Tiles Refreshed in Hale Village

We commonly encounter customers who are struggling to keep their Ceramic tiled shower cubicles clean. Since most people use their showers every day, the tiles and grout inevitably come into contact with shampoos and soaps that can cause staining, discolouration and mould. In fact, it’s not uncommon for property owners to completely give up on trying to clean the tiles, especially as many everyday cleaners are ineffectual, and this allows the situation to worsen over time.

This customer, who lives in Hale Village – known to be one of the UK’s quietest and best kept villages despite being just outside the busy city of Liverpool – was fed up with the state of her tiled shower cubicle and decided to seek professional assistance. I explained that with regular maintenance using suitable products, the tiles could be easily kept clean. I visited the property to show her first hand the results that could be achieved by cleaning and recolouring the grout.

Ceramic bath tiles before refresh Hale Village Ceramic bath tiles before refresh Hale Village

Grout Cleaning and Recolouring Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

The ideal product for cleaning grout that has become affected by mould is Tile Doctor Mould Away, a fast and effective formula that can be directly applied. After applying the Mould Away I allowed it to soak into the grout for 20 minutes, before scrubbing it in with a special handheld brush. I also scrubbed it into the tiles to remove any excess staining caused by coming into contact with shampoos and soaps.

After completing a thorough clean of both the grout and tiles, it was time to remove the old silicone sealant from around the edges of the bath, and replace it with a fresh white sealant. I then opted to recolour the grout to match it with the tiles and the new sealant, doing so carefully with Tile Doctor’s own White Grout Colourant. This is just one of ten different Grout Colourant options we offer. Other options include Charcoal Grey, Black and Cappuccino Brown to much different colour tiles.

Ceramic bath tiles after refresh Hale Village Ceramic bath tiles after refresh Hale Village

The combination of cleaning and recolouring completely refreshed the appearance of this Ceramic tiled shower cubicle, to the point that it almost looks new. Needless to say my customer was very happy, and can see now just how easy it can be to keep these tiles looking good using the right products.

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Deep Cleaning a Dirty Shower Cubicle in Middlesbrough

Here’s a fairly straightforward job I completed at a house in Middlesbrough which if you haven’t come across it before is a large industrial town situated on the south bank of the River Tees famous for its football club.

My client was keen to have the Ceramic tiled shower cubicle in her bathroom refreshed, paying particular attention the areas where the tiles and grout had been stained by the chemicals in shampoos and soaps. There was also signs of mould build-up that needed to be addressed.

Ceramic Shower Tiles Middlesbrough Before

Cleaning a ceramic tiled shower cubicle

My first task was to mix a strong solution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean and clean water. Pro-Clean is an alkaline-based cleaner that is highly effective for removing grease, soap scum, and more. While in this case I used Pro-Clean to clean the Ceramic wall tile and grout, it is also suitable for use on most natural stone floor tiles, including Granite, Slate, Limestone and Travertine.

I then decanted the solution into a spray bottle, and applied it to the tiles and grout. The reason for using a spray bottle is due to the fact cleaning products generally don’t stick very well when applied directly to vertical surfaces. When applied via a spray bottle the solution is mixed with air, turning it into more of a vapour which clings more effectively to the surface.

After the solution had been applied, I left it to dwell for a while before scrubbing it into the tiles and grout. As you can see from the photos, this made a big difference breaking down the mould and soap scum and I was soon able to wash away the resultant slurry leaving an inviting shower cubicle.

The final step was to replace the silicone sealant strip between the shower tray and the tiles; the silicone strip is not so easy to clean and although applying fresh silicone can be tricky it does finish the job off rather nicely. As an alternative you can apply Tile Doctor Mould-Away which does work on Silicone however if your shower is leaking then you can almost guarantee it’s the silicone strip that’s the cause.

Ceramic Shower Tiles Middlesbrough After

If the shower wall had been made from stone I would now be talking about sealing the tiles however Ceramic tiles are glazed and won’t take a seal so the only consideration would have been to use a Grout Sealer however in this case we didn’t feel it was necessary. The shower cubicle now looks like a new installation and my customer was very pleased with the transformation.
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Cleaning Up a Grubby Shower Cubicle in Bishopton

This shower cubicle was installed in the main bathroom of a house in Bishopton where the grout had become quite grubby and the Ceramic tiles were looking quite dull. The owner was thinking about re-tiling the bathroom and thought they would give us a call first to see if we could refresh the look without the expense.

Gruby Ceramic Tiled Shower in Bishopton Before Gruby Ceramic Tiled Shower in Bishopton Before

Cleaning Ceramic Tile and Grout

We started by spraying the tiles with Tile Doctor Oxy-Pro which is a strong high-alkaline cleaner especially formulated and packaged for cleaning showers. The spray delivery is important as mixing the cleaning product with air makes it lighter and helps it cling to the tile and grout. The Oxy-Pro was left to soak into the tiles for around 15 minutes before being scrubbed into the tile and grout using a stiff grout brush. This action cleaned up the grout and tile nicely removing stains from shampoos and soaps etc.

Removing Mould from Grout

The grout was looking much improved but there was however some evidence of mould remaining which needed dealing with. To tackle this we used Tile Doctor Mould Away which is designed to remove mould off Silicone and Grout. It’s very easy to use, you simply spray the Silicone or Grout to be treated with Mould Away then leave to soak in for five minutes and then scrub with a brush and rinse with water repeating the process until the mould has disappeared.

Gruby Ceramic Tiled Shower in Bishopton After Gruby Ceramic Tiled Shower in Bishopton After

It took a fair amount of manual effort but the results were well worth it as you can see.
Source: Professional Shower Tile, Stone and Grout cleaning and maintenance services in Glasgow