This client from Stafford needed some help with the Slate tiles in their bathroom wet room which as you can see from the photos had suffered with lot of white staining. The staining was either Limescale or efflorescent salts which are salts deposits on the tile which appear as the stone became wet and then dries out.

Slate Wet Room Tiles Before Cleaning Stafford

The staining had built up over time and was all over the wet floor and wall areas. I quoted for cleaning the tiles, removing all the staining in the process, and then sealing to prevent this happening in the future. Happy with my plan and quote I got the go ahead and we agreed a date for the work to start.

Slate Wet Room Tiles Before Cleaning Stafford

Cleaning a Slate Tiled Bathroom Wet Room

The first job was to clean the wall and floor tile and grout with a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean. This was decanted into a spray bottle and sprayed onto the Slate tile and Grout where it was left to soak in for five to ten minutes before being scrubbed in using a stiff brush and small black scrubbing pads.

The soiling was then vacuumed away with a wet and dry vacuum. For stubborn staining Tile Doctor also sell a product called Oxy-Gel which is a gel-based version of Pro-Clean that really sticks well to wall tiles allowing for longer dwell times.

The next step was to tackle the White staining so I repeated the cleaning process with Tile Doctor Acid Gel. Like Oxy-Gel this is a gel-based product that sticks well to wall tiles. This product however is acid based and so can dissolve the salt staining allowing it to be removed with the wet vacuum as before.

Last step was to inspect the bathroom for any further staining and repeat the relevant process until I was satisfied. I then rinsed all the tiles with cold water to remove any trace of product and then left the bathroom to dry out overnight.

Sealing a Slate Tiled Bathroom Wet Room

The next day I applied Tile Doctor X-Tra Seal to the Slate which is an oil-based sealing product that is rated for internal and external use. This sealer restores oil into the stone improving its general appearance and improving the colour in the stone.

X-Tra Seal is a breathable impregnating sealer that works by soaking into the pores of the stone preventing dirt from residing there and thereby leaving it on the surface where it can be rinsed away. It creates a strong water repellency over the tile so will ensure water simply drains off and doesn’t collect. If you apply the second coat as we did, it gives the tiles a nice sheen, allowing the colour of the tiles to shine through.

Slate Wet Room Tiles After Cleaning Stafford

The lighting in the wet room wasn’t great so I don’t think the photos on this page have done the job any justice however it was certainly a massive improvement, my customer certainly thought so and left the flowing glowing feedback:

Great communication start to finish. Attention to detail and pride in workmanship. Really happy with the result. Our slate wet room tiles look like new!

Slate Wet Room Tiles After Cleaning Stafford

For after care cleaning I recommended the regular use of Tile Doctor Aqua-Pro, which is pH neutral and is designed for the daily cleaning of sealed bathroom tiles. This will keep the wet room looking as good as it is now.


Source: Slate Wet Tile Cleaning and Renovation Service in Stafford