The pictures below are of a Travertine tiled shower cubicle at a property in Leatherhead. The tiles were mainly stained by the dyes you get in shampoo and soap and I was confident a good scrub would get them clean. The Grout however had darkened with dirt that had become trapped in its porous top later and the silicone sealant around the edges had become stained with mould.

Travertine Shower Tiles Before Refresh Leatherhead Travertine Shower Tiles Before Refresh Leatherhead

Overall, the shower looked grubby very unappealing so the owner of the property asked that I pop round and renovate it.

Deep Cleaning Travertine Effect Tile and Grout

First, I sprayed the grout lines with Tile Doctor Duo Clean which is a purpose made shower tile cleaner. This product breaks down the accumulated dirt and grime so it can be removed, I usually leave it to soak in for about ten to fifteen minutes before scrubbing it in but sometimes it needs a lot longer.

Next, I applied Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel to the tiles, this product is a strong gel-based tile cleaner that is great for cleaning wall tiles as the gel stays in place rather than running down the wall. This is key for achieving longer dwell times which is important when cleaning stubborn staining. Then I brushed the grout and tile with a strong wire brush focusing on the stained areas. The soiling was removed with a wet vacuum and the shower wall rinsed down with water.

While waiting for the tile and grout to dry following the cleaning I set about removing the old mastic sealant around the shower base and walls with a sharp knife. This does take some time to do right, it all needs to be gone to ensure the best adhesion for the new silicone.

Once the Travertine tile and grout was totally dry, I was able to apply a protective sealer that will make the tiles easier to clean and ensure any water runs straight off the wall and into the tray. For Travertine I applied Tile Doctor Colour Grow which as its name suggests also enhances the natural colours in the stone.

Once done my final task was to apply new silicone mastic to all verticals and the shower base to ensure the shower cubicle was watertight. I used a mixture of white mastic around the base and a light brown for the verticals and before finishing I cleaned the shower base and glass so the final result was a complete transformation.

Travertine Shower Tiles After Refresh Leatherhead Travertine Shower Tiles After Refresh Leatherhead

The mastic takes a while to cure so I advised the clients not to use the shower for 24 hours. I also took time to discuss after care cleaning and be careful what product they should use for future cleaning. The lift of the sealer can be drastically reduced by the use of strong cleaning products so we recommend the use a neutral pH cleaner such as Tile Doctor Aqua-Pro


Source: Travertine Shower Tile Cleaning and Renovation Service in Leatherhead Surrey